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Source and Match

Matching supply and demand of products and
services across countries and continents.
Match my needs > JOHANNESBURG
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Pavillion Promotion

International business development promotion
by taking your company to trade shows and
exhibitions in different countries.
Access to new markets > ASTANA
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Secure Gateway

Establishing the long term presence of your
company or investment in Africa with reliable
local partners and trusted distribution networks.
Establish my presence > DUBAI
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Mapping the path to the opportunity
beyond the obstacles and further possibilities...
Possible Opportunities > MILAN

What we do

  • global-business

    Source and match focuses on meeting your supply needs.

    If you are looking for something, it is our business to find it.

    We source products, goods and services from reliable suppliers internationally.

    approach is simple and pragmatic with clearly outlined steps that we communicate to you in advance.
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  • global-business

    Secure Gateway is the bridge over troubled waters for you to establish your company in the Sub-Saharan African market that you seek to reach.

    We take a pragmatic approach that seeks to protect your investments.

    We protect your investments.

    We assure collaboration with appropriately reviewed reliable local partners.
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  • global-business

    Pavilion Promotions takes your company to international trade shows and exhibitions.

    We offer end-to-end service for your successful attendance due to our local knowledge.

    We set up meetings with potential trade partners and key stakeholders.

    We connect you to markets, trade shows and exhibitions in the area.
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Our Approach

At the heart of our approach to business and life is the theme of advancement.
  • Each day we take the practical steps that result in us ending each day at a measurable point that is further along the planned action than when the day started.
  • This simple approach is distinctive because it is pragmatic.

Our yard-stick is comprised of Global Business, Benefit to the Collective and Sustainability.




Pavilion Promotion takes your company to international Trade Shows and Exhibitions.